Guzzlefish is back again, for the first time

Epic site relaunches with new mission and mojo


Guzzlefish. What an amazing name. An amazing name that has been around since before the Harry Potter saga reached its climactic finale.

The name's got staying power. It sticks with you like the first song you heard this morning. Was the song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey? Was that the song that got stuck in your head?

Well now it is. Enjoy that gift from Guzzlefish, because bestowing gifts is what Guzzlefish is all about.

You know what else Guzzlefish is about? It's about making you funnier, smarter and more interesting at parties.

Guzzlefish gathers up all the stuff that happens online and in real life, rubs itself all over that stuff, throws a bunch of metaphorical glitter and ribbon on it, and then shoots it back out into your phone and across your feeds.

It provides you with witty commentary and wise insights you can steal and claim as your own later on at dinner with friends. It keeps you up on important developments, like what new planet has been discovered, and when that movie you've been meaning to watch in the background on Netflix is out.

So if you want more laughter and love and news that feels like it should be a joke but is actually real news, follow Guzzlefish on Facebook and come back here every day.

We promise to never tell you are now breathing manually. Oops, we've said too much.